Photo Contests

The folks at Irons Mill Farmstead get so busy entertaining visitors — we have no time to wander around with a camera!  So, please help us out by entering our photo contests. If submit a really good photo, you may win and/or we also love to use these photos in our print & social media & website! 

How to Enter:

We have weekly photo contests during our Fall Season!  Any photo taken at Irons Mill Farmstead this season will be eligible to be entered.  

  1. By clicking this link, you can email your photos to us directly! (If you have trouble with the link, the email to send it to is:

  2. Please include your full name in the subject line of the email, so we can notify you if your photo has won!

  3. Each week's winner & prize will be announced on Facebook 

  4. Winner will be chosen on Wednesdays and announced on Facebook soon thereafter.

Photo Ideas

Fall Fun
We’ll be looking for shots featuring your friends and family having fun on the attractions or activities at the farm.  We especially like to feature the new attractions for the season!

Pumpkin Pickin'
Snap a photo of your little sweetie finding that perfect pumpkin!

Farm Animal Antics
Did you get a cute shot of someone face to face with some of our farm animals?

Food is Fun, too!
What did you eat something tasty?  Show us!

Use your imagination...

These are just ideas, certainly use your imagination, the sky is the limit!

Now … for the Rules!

By entering any of  Irons Mill Farmstead's Photo Contests,
you agree to the following rules:

-Photos must be taken at Irons Mill Farmstead during the current Fall Season.

-Pictures depicting harm or destruction of property will not be considered.

-Please do not ‘customize’ the photo in any way such as the use of a filter or color adjustment.  Submit only the original image.

-No more than three (3) entries per person.

-Submission of an entry indicates agreement with this policy on the part of the photographer and any persons featured in the photo. It is the photographer’s responsibility to receive permission of any persons prior to submitting the photo.  All photo entries become property of Irons Mill Farmstead and may be used in other media.