Farmstead Favorite Families: The Morrises

We were so excited to feature the Morrises as one of our featured families this year! We really got to know this family well this year and it was a pleasure having them out at the farm every weekend. We hop you enjoy their feature!

Is your family local or do you travel to come to the Farmstead? How did you first hear about us?

We live about 10 minutes from the farm, so it’s super easy for us to get here. I can’t remember since we didn’t actually make it the first year, but I believe our family first discovered IMF thanks to Facebook.

How many years have you been coming to the Fall?

Sadly, we did miss the first year but have been huge supporters for the past four years. I hope to never miss a year, so that means that Paul and I can never grow up!

What are some of your favorite memories at the Fall?

Everywhere Layken goes she has a goal to make a new friend. Last year Layken came across a little guy that stole her heart from the moment they said hi, you could tell between the two kiddos that it was mutual. It was adorable! They lived over an hour away, and his name was Logan and he was a true little gentlemen. She talked about him for the longest time after that day. He seemed pretty smitten with her as well, they played great together and when it was time for him to go she came running to me with huge alligator tears. It is obviously not my favorite memory because of her tears, but because of IMF being where she first had her first little boy crush.

Two years ago for Gunner, it was almost a mini right of passage as the farm almost small enough that he could run ahead to do his own thing with a friend and not be stuck with his little sister all the time. That just made his day! But I was able to have my eyes on him the entire time, it was great!

What are your family's favorite attractions at the Fall?

I really like the slides, I come down super-fast! -Layken

Buckaroo town! -Gunner (He is our baseball player and a man of few words!)

What are your favorite treats at the Fall?

Paul & Gunner really like the burgers, and the Pulled Pork is one of my favorites. Layken greatly enjoys the kettle corn.

Why does your family make Irons Mill Farmstead a Fall tradition? Any unique traditions having to do with the Farmstead?

We make it a tradition because the improvements every year are top notch! The thought that goes into all of the new attractions every year is amazing. Why not support a great local family? It’s just good ole outdoor fun!

Instead of going Trick or Treating and having a ton of candy in the house that we really don’t need, Gunner & Layken were thrilled to make a new tradition of coming to IMF to hang out and make memories. This will be our second year doing this, and they are still looking forward to it.

What other relationship do you have with Irons Mill Farmstead (i.e. had your wedding here, work here, performing here, etc)? How has this added to your Irons Mill Experience?

Stacy has used a couple of my photos for marketing material starting in the third year of business and has helped our baseball league out as well, so the relationship building has been an ongoing thing. I am currently working at the farm for this season and loving it so far! I have told Paul from day one that I would marry him over and over again, but if we were to ever have the opportunity, it would be in this barn and during the fall. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

What is your favorite new attraction for the 2016 season?

Layken is our little dare devil and fell in love with the Bat Glide. Gunner is still holding true to Buckaroo town being his favorite. He has a thing for traditions :)

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