Summer Memories with the Millirons

July 28, 2017


If you follow our Farm Facebook page you know we are running a fun contest right now!  We asked all of you to share your favorite summer memories from this year. It’s been so fun reading and seeing all you’ve done so far this summer! I thought I would share a little sneak peak of what a summer looks like for the Milliron family.

For me growing up, summer meant freedom; freedom to wake up whenever I wanted, and freedom to enjoy my life away from the awful classroom! In 6th grade I got this super cool outfit from Fashion Bug that I was majorly proud of. I decided to wear it the last day of school when it dawned on me: I should wear this outfit every last day of school until I graduate! I have no idea why I thought that was such a great idea, but I’m a little quirky like that! So, thank the Lord I sized up in 6th grade because sure enough, I was able to fit in it until the last day of my senior year. I probably still have that outfit!

These days, our summers have changed from freedom/vacation/relaxing time to major work time!  With weddings starting up in early May and the Fall seemingly right after, our summers are filled with putting the plans we worked on all winter into action.  However, having 6 young children, we still manage to find a few moments for some summer fun.  This year our two oldest, Ty and Paris, played on the Shenango Valley Flag Football team.  My fearless and competitive husband was their coach.  They had a few bumpy games in the season which placed them 5th seed out of 10. One thing you need to know about Rob Milliron, is he will find a way to win, it’s truly who he is. He never, and I mean never, gives up. That go-getter attitude mixed with some decent developing talent on the team lead them to the Super Bowl! The road getting there almost made their mother pass out from the stress, but it was such a great experience for them! They ending up losing the final game, but it was still such a big hill to climb to be #2 in the entire league.


Our kids are trained to know that winters are kind of our summers, so they are used to working hard all summer. Ty works outside every day mowing or helping his dad. Paris helps me in the house with the little kids and also makes her famous little piggies for the Piggy Place. Milania also helps around the house and plays with her BFF brother, Drake. And the two youngest, Gracie and Nash, pretty much just try to get to me all day. Our family doesn’t have a typical summer, but it’s worth it when you see so many families here in the Fall enjoying all of the things we worked incredibly hard to build all summer long.

We are working hard this summer to improve every aspect of your experience at Irons Mill Farmstead.  It’s our passion in life to create "a day that will last forever” in your minds and hearts through a trip to the farm!  We look forward to opening day and can’t wait to see your reaction to all the new things on the Farm this year!

Thanks for sharing your memories with us!





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