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August 3, 2017


This is a post to all you moms out there! The moms who are in the trenches. The moms who are doing their very best to raise those little rascals up in the best possible way. Motherhood is literally THE hardest job on the planet. If you’re a mom of 1 or 10, you know what a big job it is! As you may already know, my husband and I have 6 children. I know, I know your eyes just got really big and you thought to yourself, “WHAT!?” Let’s face it, Rob and I are totally outnumbered! I never realized what a big job having 6 kids actually was. I always wanted a big family and everything seemed fine at  4 kids. Then we started the fall business. Shortly after #5 came along. Then we started the weddings and  number 6 rolled in. I think I blacked out somewhere after our first fall season and woke up a couple years later to 6 kids and 2 businesses and thought, “Wait a minute,how did THAT happen?” It’s been a bit of a whirlwind , but thankfully I’ve had many tools to get me through the challenges along the way.  Early on I dug right in and learned all I could about parenting. I’m sharing my list of resources that gave me a good foundation to build upon.  


My Top 6 Homemaking/Mothering Resources (in no particular order):


1. Steve & Teri Maxwell and her family have an amazing ministry that equips families in all sorts of areas.  They have some really good, practical books on everyday topics such as kids’ chores,  as well as other amazing titles which focus on deep heart issues!  I particularly love their book, Keeping your Children’s Hearts, and also several other titles from Teri written for moms.  


2.  Don’t Make me Count to Three by Ginger Plowman (now Ginger Hubbard,  This book is a short, yet powerful guide to training your children for first time obedience. She has a motto for obedience: “All the way, right away, and with a happy heart!” We'll take that, right moms? She also has a very helpful chart called “Wise Words for Moms” that I need to apply more often.


3. Sally Clarkson is an author of many exceptional titles, such as The Ministry of Motherhood and so many more.  She is a delight in every way and the perfect older, wiser woman to gain wisdom from! 


4. I pretty much grew up with Lindsay from PH. I think we're close to the same age and we had babies very close to the same time.  She is a wealth of knowledge on almost ANY topic!  She has slowed down with blogging, but her site is a treasure trove of answers to so many topics!  Fun fact:  Lindsay’s first two kids were Karis and Titus (coincidentally similar to my first two kids, Ty & Paris).  Also, just to clarify, I have never met her in my life, nor spoken to her, but I feel like she’s one of my best friends!


5. Christine Opperman is my favorite on this list, because she is my SISTER (like she actually is my sister!) and one of my best friends!  She has a blog and also a really good podcast.  She covers a wide range of relevant topics on motherhood and parenting!  She’s super easy to talk to and listen to.  I know you will gain lots of practical knowledge and encouragement by digging into her content!


6. One of the biggest, hardest, and most important parts of being a mom is providing food for your household.  It’s like a full time job in and of itself! I found this site through Linsday at Passionate Homemaking and have made so many of her recipes!  She has a big family (I think 6, but I lost track) and provides super practical, simple recipes with lots of detail and pictures.  If you’re in a dinner rut, check her out!  


Okay, confession time... 


These days, I don’t have time to soak in all this list has to offer. I’m so glad I took the time early on during the seasons of life that were a little slower to learn all I could. I have a reserve built up that has supported me through the more hectic times. These days, I do manage to check out two newfound mommy bloggers when I’m winding down (at like 2am).


1. is my cousin Jenna, who has the most adorable 4 year old triplets, I love seeing her photos on instagram @jenna.provance! 


2. @k8_smallthings (instagram) Kate Bryan gives beauty tips galore (that I never have time to do) and she’s a hoot! I love her personality and literally just watch her stories because if we met, we would definitely be BFF’s.


Moms, listen to me, your job is a high calling. It’s one of THE most important jobs in the world, but sometimes it feels like the least important. Keep going, smile at your kids and love them with every ounce of yourself. 


Lots of love,



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