5 Years of Mazes!

August 25, 2017

 A picture from our first year!


Every year we choose a different theme for our corn maze.  It’s been so fun to work with so many different organizations over the past 6 years! 


Year One - 910th Airlift Wing


The first year, we went back and forth on what to put in our first-ever corn maze!  My husband, Rob, has been the one to decide and design every maze.  He comes up with the ideas and if he’s between a couple ideas, we take a vote. That first year, Rob totally hit it out of the park with our maze design!  A C-130 airplane honoring our friends at the 910th Airlift Wing. They were so thrilled that we chose to honor them in that way!  They decided to hold an induction ceremony on the farm for some new recruits!  It was so fun to have that experience our first year.  After the season, we were invited to the base for lunch and an up close tour of a C-130 airplane!  It was such a neat experience.


Year Two - The Steelers

Rob is a big football fan and he loves the Steelers!  He had this great design idea for a Steelers maze and made it happen for Season 2. To this day, that is one of my favorite maze designs. The way the city-scape turns into the football field is really pretty cool! We were also excited to work with the Ben Rothlisberger Foundation that year to raise money for the good work they do in providing trained dogs to our Police Force.


Year Three - Mario Lemieux and the Pittsburgh Penguins

Did I mention Rob is a sports fan? Well he likes hockey too!  When you grow up in the Pittsburgh area, you kind of have to like the Pittsburgh teams. If you don’t, you are pretty much shunned by everyone around you and also probably taken our of your parent’s will.  So, the super exciting think about this maze was working with the Mario Lemieux Foundation and being able to donate to their work in providing playrooms in hospitals for families to take advantage of while they are there. I have to admit, being interviewed on Root Sports was a pretty big highlight as well! We saw our segment numerous times on TV after games, which was a pretty cool thing!


Year Four - Jerome Bettis AKA The Bus!

The third times a charm, as they say and yes, we did another sports themed maze for the third year in a row!  Season 4 featured one of the Steeler’s main men, Jerome Bettis.  We were so excited to see him be inducted into the Hall of Fame that year and wanted to help him celebrate.  The year was 2015, and that was the year of some major projects on the farm.  Oh, did I mention we had a baby in August that year? And not just “a” baby, our SIXTH baby.  So, yes, to answer the question you are thinking right now, I AM a little crazy!  2015 is one of those years that you are glad you did but also glad you don’t have to do again.  We did so many big projects that year and looking back, I don’t know how we survived it!

Year Five - Peanuts and the Great Pumpkin


Last year was Season 5 and we chose to celebrate the 50th year anniversary of the airing of The Great Pumpkin!  Going into it, I wasn’t sure how excited I was about it. I liked Snoopy and Charlie and all, but it wasn’t a main part of my childhood.  We were blown away at how much fun we had with that theme! We were able to do so much with all the characters and really run with the theme.  It was probably one of the most fun mazes we’ve ever done and I am a big fan now! I think showing the movie on the farm and then those fireworks that followed is one of my favorite memories on the farm.


Year Six - ????

This year is Season 6 and I can tell you, I am PUMPED about our maze this year! I think we totally NAILED IT! I have to give all the credit to Rob on it, because once again, he totally came up with this idea. We are planning the best reveal we’ve ever done yet, so stay tuned for those details.  Be watching Facebook & Instagram for clues and our schedule for our LIVE reveal coming next week! I know you’re going to love our maze this year.  We can’t wait to see you all at the farm in a few short weeks.  (That last sentence made me freak out a little, I have so much to do, gotta go! )




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